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AcroYoga Montreal with Heidi Blais & Ruslan North

1 Weekend = 4 workshops à 3 hours = 12h Acro-fun!

14. April 2018

WS I   Saturday 10 -13 h
WS II  Saturday 14 - 17 h

15. April 2018

WS II  Sunday   10 - 13 h
WS IV Sunday   14 - 17 h

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Join Heidi and Ruslan for a progressive AcroYoga workshop designed to unlock your creative capacities. Expect to safely explore your spine -- as a base as well as a flyer -- as we work into twisting, flexing, extending and rolling through space. There will be a healthy dose of L-basing transitions, as well as other creative basing positions that will get the bases off their backs. Ruslan and Heidi will present guided exercises to get you integrating the material into an original flow that is appropriate to your own body and partnership.

// Philosophy

Working with another individual requires that we tune in to our own personal practice as a solid foundation before we engage in collaborative play. The more we can feel and understand our own bodies — our center of mass, strengths and weaknesses, orientation, and nervous systems — the more we can be fully present while working with others. 

Each module begins with solo and non weight-bearing movement exploration to improve our strength, flexibility and coordination, in order to then relate back to our partner AcroYoga practice.

When we cultivate a solid understanding of our personal foundation and how to share this with our partners, then creativity can become part of our practice as well.

// Content

Movement exploration
Washing machines
Creative basing
Standing acro
Supported partner handstands
Acro conditioning
Creative process



Heidi Blais (CA) specializes in the development of innovative partnering based on principles of alignment and breath inspired by her practice of Ashtanga yoga and slacklining. As a teacher, Heidi loves to witness the panoply of students’ expressions as they experience their bodies in new ways! She draws from her background as an architect to structure her classes and guide movers from a wide variety of disciplines into partnering, from foundational technique, through to creation and choreography.


Ruslan North (RU/BE) is a technical thinker, experimental sportsman, creative mover, aikidoka and innovative AcroYoga teacher. These features, combined with his dedication to understand how things function, love for moving and doing, and his deep connection with different kinds of art, inspire his students to approach taught subjects from different perspectives in a grounded way. His typical features are detecting simplicity in most complicated processes, ability to guide others in clear steps and a natural addiction of breaking down the ice with humor, optimism and ease.



Info: Die Workshops werden in Englisch unterrichtet, bei Bedarf in deutscher Übersetzung.

Prerequisite: To enjoy the full benefit of this weekend intensive, be comfortable practicing the following skills: Ninja Star, Barrel Roll, Star presses, Free star, Reverse Star, Side Star, Side Star Tick Tocks, Shoulderstand. 

There will be a potluck for food so we are provided with vegetarian/vegan food during the day. Bring what you like to eat and share with the others.

Place: Goethe Exil / Goetheplatz 3A / Hannover

1 - 5 Participants 130€ (Sold out)
6 - 10 Participants 150€
11 + Participants 170€

Reduced prize -20€ - if you are f.e. unemployed, student
Duoprize -20€/pP Triopize -30€/pP (Sinup together/ transfer together)
Refunds are only possible with a irrefutable provable cause.

To register, hit the button or send a SMS to 0049176/63190404. You will immediately get the bank information. Write AcroYoga Montreal 14-15 April and your Name as intended purpose for the transfer.